We’re Simply Happy, and we want to change the way you manage chronic anxiety and depression.

Actually, we want you to change the way you manage chronic anxiety and depression: through supportive communities, trustworthy resources, and easy lifestyle tweaks.

Whether you’re frustrated with the way your mental health has been supported (or hasn’t been) in the past, you’re tired of suffering from the symptoms of anxiety and depression and feeling hopeless about escaping the cycle, or if you’re just looking to enhance what’s already working in your life, we’re here for you.

We believe that everyone should have the same access to improved mental health. In fact, we believe in it so much that we’ve established ourselves as the definitive resource for people seeking natural solutions that alleviate the symptoms of various mood disorders. We warmly support all demographics and aspire to create an environment of inclusive and intersectional mental wellness support.

Our stance is based in science, and we speak honestly about holistic practices that are fact-based and backed by research. We feel the prescription pad is all too available these days and it’s our firm belief that simple everyday changes should be a person’s first measure toward a healthier, happier life.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not anti-medicine. We just prioritize holistic mental health support. We’re Simply Happy. And we want you to be too.

Our Story

We began our mission in 2019 when we discovered there was no resource hub for holistic and natural practices that have been proven to lessen the effects of mood disorders. We reflected on our personal experiences with diagnosis and subsequent lack of support and combined them with those of friends and loved ones.

We concluded that an accessible means of treating mood disorders was necessary, one that included more options and information than prescribed medication. Since then, we’ve curated a comprehensive collection of resources and practices in order to become a beacon of hope for those striving toward the same goal of emotional stability.